Thursday, September 11, 2014

New Direction

I went to UW-Milwaukee directly out of high school just like the vast majority of my friends did. The main difference though is that most of them knew what they wanted to go to school for, whereas for me it wasn't that simple. I knew prior to going to school that computers and technology was where my heart was but I found it hard to convince myself that that's what I should do for the rest of my life. For me video games are a hobby of mine, a way to pass time, a way to keep myself sane from the stress of everyday life. In my mind for whatever reason it seemed like it would take the enjoyment out of my past time if I worked on computers for 8 hours a day then go home and try and unwind on a computer like I frequently do. So in the end I kept searching for something else to catch my interest similar to how technology has and over the course of a couple years at UWM I failed to find that alternate career choice. So I racked up debt and decided to move on from UWM, it was an expensive lesson learned.

I worked a dead end job for a couple more years and got fed up with being broke and unfulfilled and decided to go back to school for IT. The idea of going to school for IT matured in my mind. I no longer was going to fight it, IT was always the only choice I just failed to believe it. What's so bad about making a career out of what you're passionate about? So I did it and after my first two semesters I have a 3.96 GPA and I'm feeling better than ever. Knowing I was going to be taking an internship and capstone class I applied for an IT job with Milwaukee County and got it. I ditched my other job and feel like I'm finally on the right track to making my goal of becoming an IT professional a reality. MATC has been amazing so far, the teachers are so passionate and caring and I've made some good friends in my classes. In my time at my new job I've met multiple IT guru's that are MATC graduates so I really feel like I'm in a great place.


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