Thursday, December 11, 2014

For this blog post entry I am going to discuss 'The Tech Guy' podcast. It is a radio show that is based off of the main website, which is a site that excels at technology and science blogs, it always has a stream going, either live or previously recorded.

The show I watched and am interested in is The Tech Guy. It is hosted by a man named Leo Laporte, The show airs every weekend in over 170 cities both on the radio and the Internet. The show is based on Leo's big personality and love for technology. It mixes humor and technology based knowledge about on the spot caller questions or comments. He is sort of a jack of all trades technology radio show host having a wide range of topics that he is knowledgeable about. He gives his opinion on things such as the quality of the new iPhone5 or if someone should upgrade their router to fit their needs.

I personally find him slightly annoying, although I do like the topics that he talks about. I don't necessarily have an opinion on a particular thing that he talks about because the show is over two hours long and he talks about an abundance of things. The idea of the show is great though, I'm sure it's a very helpful show for individuals that are not very tech savvy. He helped a couple people with computer issues that I help people with every day at my work, which was pretty funny to see. I can imagine if you have a computer issue and you don't know where else to turn, if you can get through the call waiting line he would be a pretty good person to ask for general help.

I did notice that he seems to be an Apple hater, although he does it discreetly (probably to avoid offending people). I agreed with something he said about Apple with the general idea being: you pay about double for an Apple product, but you know that you are going to get 5+ years out of it without it breaking. That is definitely true, if I think there is a product that I know I will use for 5 years or longer (not too many products for me, because I generally upgrade all of my tech gadgets in two years or less) then I will buy Apple. For example I bought an iPad a couple years ago knowing that I was going to use it for years to come, so I went with Apple purely based on their reliability. I would never buy an Apple computer though, because I like to build my own computers and customize them to my liking and upgrade at my own free will.

I hope this blog was helpful on whether you should watch 'The Tech Guy' or not. You can watch about 5 minutes of his podcast to know if you will want to continue watching or not. I hope you all enjoy the Holidays!


  1. He used to be a Apple fanboy. Watch Mac Break weekly and see what you think!

  2. If you like Leo and Twit, you should check out Tom Merrit. Tom recently quit Twit after some controversy about salary, but maintains a great daily tech show. I loved when Molly Wood, Jason Howell and Tom did Buzz Out Loud.